Recruiting For College Football


Are you hoping to play football at the college level? Recruiting for college football is an often confusing and misunderstood process for many high school athletes. However, if you wish to play football at the college level, you must learn the ropes of the recruiting process.

The great news about college football is that there are a ton of scholarships available each and every year. Football offers more scholarships than any other collegiate sport. In fact, about 85 scholarships are available per team at the Division I level.

The bad news about recruiting for college football is that there is a massive amount of competition for the available scholarships. There are thousands of high school football players all across the country and many of them are hoping to play at the next level.

Just like trying to get ahead on the playing field, you should do something not everyone else is doing to help make sure you get recruited. You must do something to set yourself apart from your competition and get your name out there among college colleges.

Here Are The 5 Key Steps You Should Be Taking

1-  Take responsibility yourself for being recruited.

Most athletes will depend on their high school coach or sheer luck to get recruited. Don't make this mistake. Most coaches won't help you simply because they don't know how to, they don't have the time, or they just don't want to make the effort.

2-  Determine what level of college football is right for you.

Everyone wants to play at the Division I level, that's a given. However, not everyone is a Division I level athlete. Get out and visit some college games at various levels and see what level of competition is right for you. Football Recruiting takes place at all levels...from Division I to junior college.

3-  Attend some camps and showcase events.

Don't just sit around in the summer hoping to get recruited in the fall. Attend some camps and showcase events in the summer to get your name out there. There is a kid in my neighborhood who recently signed with a major Division I school simply because they were impressed with him when he attended their annual summer football camp.  It could happen for you too.

4-  Do your research. Visit the website of the schools you are interested in.

Visit these sites and see how many players play your position. See how you measure up in size and weight to those players. See how many seniors will be leaving the program the season you graduate from high school.

5-  Market and Promote yourself.

Once you know what level of college football is right for you, start marketing and promoting yourself to those programs. Most college coaches don't have huge football recruiting budgets...especially at the smaller schools. They like to hear from potential players because it makes their job of recruiting easier.

College Football Is Played At All Levels

Recruiting for college football takes place at all division levels. Not everyone can play at USC, Florida or Oklahoma, but there are hundreds of smaller schools out there who just may need your skills and talents. These small school programs are very competitive and they put several players in the NFL or other pro leagues each year. Don't make the mistake of thinking you must play Division I or you won't play at all. 

Make your dream come true. Take ownership of your future and learn the ropes of the recruiting process and some very good things could happen for you!

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Recruiting for college football is a very competitive process.  Don't wait too late to get started.  The earlier you start making contact with potential college coaches, the better your chances of playing at the next level. 

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