How To Get A Soccer Scholarship


If the question of how to get soccer a scholarship has been on your mind lately, you are certainly not alone.  There are thousands (millions worldwide) of high school soccer players out there each and every year competing for a spot on a college roster.

Coaches Must Know About You

The first thing you must know about soccer scholarships is that coaches can't recruit you if they don't know anything about you. I know it seems pretty basic and straight forward, but so many high school soccer players miss this very simple truth.

Stop and think for a moment about why you buy the particular products you buy every day or when you go to the mall. Why do you wear a certain kind of shoes, a certain brand of jeans, or even eat at a particular restaurant?

The reason you buy these particular products is because you know about them.  These products have been effectively marketed and promoted in a way that made you want to purchase them. Without proper marketing and promotion, all products are doomed sit on the shelf and be a total failure.

The Primary Lesson

The lesson you should take from this comparison this:

Like all other products out there, you a product that needs to be properly marketed and promoted to college soccer coaches!

To be interested in recruiting you, coaches need to know about your soccer talent and skills. Once they know about you, they then may have an interest in recruiting you to come and play for their program. Just like every other product, you need to get their (coaches) attention before something good has a chance of happening for you. 


The mystery of how to get a soccer scholarship really doesn't have to be a mystery any longer for you.  Take responsibility for your own recruitment and start marketing and promoting yourself to the college coaches you are interested in playing for. If you have the skills and talent to play at the next level of soccer, I think you will like the results.

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