High School Basketball Recruiting


You need to learn everything you can about high school basketball recruiting if you want to play at the next level.  Don't listen to all the myths and misconceptions out there because most of them are wrong and they will keep you from reaching your goal of playing college basketball. 

Here are four keys you need to know about being recruited to play college basketball:

1- College Coaches Care About Their Program More Than They Care About You

College coaches need players that can help them become successful or continue to be successful. They must recruit and sign the best talent each and every year if they want to keep their jobs.

They don't recruit players simply because they like them or because they come from a solid family. They only become interested in recruiting those players who can help their program...it's just that simple.

2- You Need The Right Size, Athleticism, Skills And Talent

In high school basketball recruiting, coaches pay a lot of attention to finding potential athtetes who have the athleticism and size required to play at their level of competition. I have seen some very talented players who didn't get recruited because they didn't have the required size or athleticism necessary to play at the highest levels of college basketball and the athlete did not want to consider playing at a small school.

Also, once a coach decides a player has the size and athleticism to play the position he or she is actually recruiting for, they will begin to look closely at the players skills and talents. If they are looking for guards, they will look closely at speed and quickness, ball-handling, and the players shooting touch. If they need a low post player, they will look closely at foot work, the ability to catch the ball in traffic, the ability to shoot with either hand, and their rebounding skills.

3- Players Who Have Mental Toughness

The college game is much more mentally challenging than the high school game. As a part of the basketball recruiting process for high school players, coaches will look to determine whether or not a player can handle being challenged every day, being held accountable for everything they do, and if they can mentally handle the increased competition level from team mates and opposing players. Also, can they handle filling a role and no longer being the star player who gets the ball every trip down the court.

4- Players Who Can Stay Academically Qualified

Coaches usually recruit around 5 players for each spot on their team's roster. A part of their evaluation is to see which of those recruits are performing in the classroom. Coaches don't like to waste scholarship dollars on a player who does not stay qualified to play. It is a waste of their time and scholarship money that could have gone to a player who could have stayed qualified.


If you fell like you have what it takes to play college basketball, you need to start being noticed by college coaches. One of the very best ways to make this happen is to market an promote yourself to college coaches.

How can you do this? You can easily do it by developing an athletic resume and sending it to coaches along with a personal letter from you. Coaches will be happy to hear from you if they think you have what it takes to play at their level of competition.

You can win at the high school basketball recruiting game. Don't wait until it's too late to get recruited, start marketing and promoting yourself to coaches right away.

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