College Softball Recruiting


Do you want to learn more about college softball recruiting? Do you want to make sure you continue playing softball after your high school playing days are over? If so, you need to understand the recruiting process and most importantily, how you can get ahead of your competition.

The Opportunities Are Out There

There are hundreds of college and universities at all levels of competition who need skilled and talented softball players. How do these schools find the players they need? They find players in the following ways:

1- They find players at softball camps.

2- They find players at showcase events held across the country.

3- They attend AAU or USSSA tournaments and scout for players that could fill their current roster needs.

4- They get recommendations from high school coaches or AAU/Travel Team Coaches

5- They find out about some athletes because the athletes have marketed and promoted themselves to the coach

Many Coaches Want To Hear From You.

The elite Division I schools, like those who play on ESPN or for the national championship each year, have the college softball recruiting budget to scout the entire nation.  They have an unlimited budget for finding great playhers across the country and even the world. 

Obviously, schools like Arizona State, UCLA, USC and Stanford don't have to worry about traveling the planet to find great players. They only recruit the top level players.  However, there are many smaller schools and universities that have limited college softball recruiting budgets and don't have hundreds of athletes to choose from.  These type of schools may be very interested in putting a player like you on their roster...if they only know about you and they were able to find you.


You can help them find you by using step #5 from the list above. You can market and promote yourself to college coaches and let them know about your skills, your talents, and your achievements at the high school level. If you don't let them know about you, who will?

More College Softball Recruiting and Scholarship Ideas:

Make sure you attend as many fastpitch camps as you can each and every summer to improve and get some exposure. 

To complete with all the softball recruits out there, you need to give college coaches what they are looking for. 

Don't let the softball college recruiting process intimidate you.  You just need to learn the rules of the game. 

Are you trying to find out what it really takes to have a real shot at softball scholarships?  You need to learn how to get on the radar of college coaches. 

Wondering what is out there besides the NCAA?  NAIA Softball schools offer two levels of competition and scholarships at both levels. 

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