College Baseball Recruiting


If you want to play baseball in colege, you need to know the secrets of college baseball recruiting.  The common myths about recruiting keep many players from being recruited each and every year.   I can't encourage enough not to leave your recruiting hopes to anyone else, unless you want to take a very big chance of being disappointed. 

Extremely Competitive

The first thing you need to know about college baseball recruiting is that it's a very competitive process. It always has been, and it always will be. There are thousands of kids playing baseball all around the world who want to play at the next level. You must be considered a well above average high school player and have the talent to play baseball at the college level.  However, baseball is played at all levels and just because you don't have Division I talent or athleticism doesn't mean you can't play college baseball. 

Beyond the competition, some players struggle to get recruited because they play at a small high school or in a region not known for producing baseball talent. If you find yourself in one of these situations, you can still be recruited, but you have to take some steps to make sure your name and baseball talents are known by college coaches.  If would be nice if everyone who has the talent to play at some level of college gets recruited, but it just doesn't work that way in reality. 

Don't Depend On Your Coach

Are you depending completely on your high school coach to promote you? If you are, you are making a big mistake. Most high school coaches don't get active in promoting their players to colleges. This happens because many of them really don't understand the baseball recruiting process themselves. Even coaches make the mistake of falsely assuming a player will be recruited by some type of college if the player is good enough.  .

The biggest problem is most athletes do not properly market and promote themselves to college coaches. If you have the talent to play at some level of college competition, you must take the initiative to market and promote yourself. You need to send your athletic resume, personal letters, and emails to college coaches and let them know about you and how you can help their baseball program continue to be successful or become a winning program


If getting noticed during the college baseball recruiting process is your goal, you can make it a realit if you roll up your sleeves and go to work. You don't have to be an elite level player that every college coach in America already knows about. You can simply be a very good player who becomes excellent at promoting and marketing yourself to college coaches. ]

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