AAU Boys Basketball


If you are looking to play college basketball at any level, AAU boys basketball has almost become a mandatory step in the recruiting process. College coaches from all across the country want to know that basketball is your passion and you are working all year round to improve your game. 

What Is The AAU

The AAU stands for the Amateur Athletic Union. AAU boys basketball has been on the scene for a long time. The best basketball players use the spring and summer off-season to not only keep playing basketball, but as a way to get noticed by college coaches. It's rare today to see a player who has signed to play college basketball who was not playing AAU basketball during their high school career.

AAU basketball has gotten so competitive that there are now teams who have corporations and NBA players as sponsors.  These type of teams travel the country playing against the best competition they can find. For instance, a top level player in my area played with a team sponsored by NBA great Chris Paul. This team traveled all around the country playing other elite level teams.

Coaches Do Pay Attention

My son recently signed to play college basketball at a small four year school.  As he went through the recruitment process, one of the first questions coaches would normally ask him was about his AAU boys basketball experience. Coaches know that if a prospect is playing all year round, they are serious about working hard, getting better, and playing agaisnt top level competition. 

An Alternative To AAU

The USSSA (United States Specialty Sports Association) has grown in popularity in the last few years as an alternative to the AAU. The USSSA host tournaments all across the country and they are starting to attract some of the very best talent also.  Many players and teams are turning to the USSSA because the AAU field has become so crowded. 


If you want to play college basketball, this level of competition is an option you will want to check out. Coaches will want to see that you have this level of desire to get better and play against the best competition. As you develop an athletic resume and begin contacting college coaches, you will want to make sure AAU boys basketball is a part of your background and experience.

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